Thursday, 11 April 2013

Wholesome Snack Ideas

to revive and keep you satisfied between main meals.

Frozen Fruit
Grapes, Pineapple or Mango

if on the go pop these into a thermos. 
make double and freeze half for a easy healthy after dinner treat.

Trail Mix 
make you own nuts, seeds, popcorn, dried fruit and occasionally choc chips!

Apple slices 
spread with peanut or nut butter

Egg boiled
boil 1/2 dozen eggs at the start of the week and keep in the fridge for a quick and convenient snack.

Cruskets\Rice Thins 
Cottage cheese, Tomato, Avocado or your choice of yummy toppings
Raw Veggie Sticks 
with Hummus or Guacamole

Frozen Choc Coated Bananas
cut bananas into chunks dip all or half into quality dark chocolate and freeze.
you can also roll in coconut or nuts.

air popped.

Sunflower Seeds
raw or toasted.

Vitality Truffles

Dried Fruit
Dried fruit a concentrated source of natural sugar, so go easy & enjoy petite portion

Muesli Bar 
either homemade or we like Natures Valley brand

Mountain Bread Crisps
cut into chip sized strips, spritz with olive oil, season and bake @ 160 degree celcuis until crisp. Accompany with this easy Dip: Unsweetened greek yogurt + Sweet chili sauce.

Pumpkin Seeds
pumpkin seeds, sprayed with a spritz of olive oil, sprinkle lightly with salt or your favourite spice mix and baked at for 200 degrees until brown.

Lettuce wrap
fill with your choice of sandwich filling and wrap it up
we love to use left over roast chicken with tomatoes and avocado!

Chocolate Covered Strawberries
A great little treat that can satisfy a chocolate craving with the added goodness of strawberries. Make sure to use good quality chocolate.

Banana Bread

Honeyed Yogurt
nonfat Greek yogurt with a dash of cinnamon and 1 teaspoon honey

take 2 tortillas and pop in a sandwich press w/cheese (or not) - adding on tomatoes, beans, corn, olives, avocado or guacamole or whatever sounds good)

Seasonal Fresh Fruit Platter

Fruit Kebabs 
cut and thread fruit on kebab sticks add a couple of marshmallows occasionally as a treat (kids love these - everything is more fun on a stick!)

build your own with unsweetened greek yogurt, fruit and homemade Muesli

Rice Crackers and Salsa

Kale Crisps
Tear kale leaves into large pieces and arrange on a baking sheet. Spritz with olive oil and bake in a 160 degree oven until crisp. 
Cheesy Version: while still warm, sprinkle with a little grated Parmesan cheese - delicious

Chickpea poppers
drain and rinse canned chickpeas, then dry them with a paper towel. Spritz with extra-virgin olive oil, season with dried oregano and salt, and roast at 200 degree celcuis until crisp.
try other seasonings - chilli powder for those who like a bit of heat or Moroccan spice mix works well.

Vegetable Soup
great warmer on a winters day

Ryvita crackers
topped with salmon or tuna and sliced tomato or hummus and cottage cheese, or chopped boiled egg and avocado.

Do you struggle to think of snack ideas that are both nutritious and simple?

We did too, until we sat down together and wrote up this list. It was actually quite simple and once we started the ideas came easily. Feel free to print and keep a copy somewhere handy for a quick reference - we have ours on the fridge. 

Have you noticed how most pre-packaged snacks are high in sugar, bad fats, additives and preservatives and can leave you feeling less than satisfied and lacking in energy. Not only do you need to be aware of what is in these foods by checking the labels but also check the portion sizes. Often the manufacturers of these processed snack foods use small portion sizes to fool consumers and you'll find most people would eat more than the recommended portion size. Recently I weighed a portion of corn chips as per the packets recommended portion size and it was 1/2 what I'd usually dish up for myself!

With a little "Savvy at Home" know how you can make a good snacking choices that are wholesome and satisfying.

We'd love to hear what snacks you make for yourselves and your families. 

Trish and Treena x

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