Two sisters sharing a love of Real Food, Homemade Cleaners, Natural Skincare and striving to B-Additive Free.

We believe that eating well can be affordable, quick and family friendly. 

Conscious of what is in our foods, we love using fresh seasonal produce (homegrown or brought locally) in simple recipes that are full of flavour. 

The recipes you’ll find on this page are what we regularly cook for our families and we encourage you to adapt and make them your own. Please feel free to share your with us are we are always keen to try something new.

We like the 80/20 rule, so you will find some (not so healthy) recipes here too. 
We love baking (and eating it or giving it away!), but we choose quality real ingredients where possible.

We don't have any medical reasons to get *Gluten Free *Dairy Free *Egg Free etc but have family and friends who do so you'll find these types of recipes here too.

We don’t claim to know it all, what we do know is how important it is to us to know what is in our food, cleaning products and skincare.

This blog is a journey and we hope you'll jump on board and have some fun along the way.

Trish and Treena x

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Note: If the recipes on this blog are not our own or we have adapted them we will name the source if known. The photos on our page are tagged "savvy at home" and are the property of savvy at home. Copyright 2013. Our recipes are for home use only and if you do share please credit us. Thank-you.

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