Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Pizza in a Pan

This is quick and easy way to make a pizza

-Easy for the kids to make after school.
-Quick dinner or lunch
-Great way to use up leftovers
Put a few leftovers on Lebanese bread, and voila! Frying pan pizza! So easy to make.

On this pizza

Tomatoes in a can pureed together with a some pesto thrown in for the sauce. Grated cheese, roasted pumpkin, leftover chicken, mixed herbs. Serve with spinach leaves.

Spread the base with tomato sauce, sprinkle on cheese, place pumpkin, chicken on top. Sprinkle with Italian herbs. Carefully place in fry pan, put lid on (use a large pot lid if you don't have one for your fry pan) Cook on low until the base is crispy and cheese melted.

Savvy tip
We love to use this brand, available from Pak n Save - no additives or preservatives.

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