Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Simple Raw Chocolate

These are great to make for a more healthier Easter treat option.  I didn't have any egg moulds so used my heart one.  Super easy to make and yummy even my husband Dean (who has taken on the job of Chief taster) gave them the thumbs up and he is a tough critic :).

100g Raw Cacao Butter
6 Tablespoons Raw Cacao Powder
2-4 Tablespoons real maple syrup or Coco Nectar syrup (I used the Coco Nectar)
1 Small pinch of rock salt (Optional - use good quality sea salt to lift the chocolate flavour)

Ensure all utensils and the bowl are dry before the ingredients are added as water can cause the mix to separate.

Place the raw cacao butter in a bowl over a pan of water on a low heat and melt gently. Once melted add 6 tbsp raw cacao powder and mix well using a metal ballon whisk (wooden spoons don’t blend as well). Ensure the heat is low and add the maple syrup or coco nectar and mix well. Taste the mix once melted and add more sweetener if you prefer a sweeter taste.

Once completely melted and blended remove from heat. Your mixture should be runny and easy to pour. Pour or spoon into ice cube trays, silicone moulds or even platic tubs to make fabulous raw chocolate bars. Place in the freezer and leave to set for 20mins to half an hour on in the fridge for around 2 hours.

This mix tastes delicious plain but there is always room for some creativity, so feel free to add some chilli powder for Chilli Chocolates or peppermint essence or vanilla extract, orange peel, coffee or orange liquors are all things that can be added.

My favourite is placing a frozen blue berry or two into the choc mixture before putting it into the freezer.

Once made keep your CHOCs in the freezer or fridge and eat to your hearts content.

Savvy tip: If your mix is not runny and easy to pour, this may be because too much raw cacao powder has been added, so try adding a little more raw cacao butter and keep mixing and tasting until you have the right blend.

Recipe from Chocchicks - adapted slightly

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