Thursday, 7 March 2013

Unsweetened Greek Yoghurt

We love UNSWEETENED GREEK YOGHURT for its high protein, tangy flavor and thick texture. 

What might surprise you is its versatility ... sweet or savoury.

Use it to increase the nutritious nature of your food without taking away from the taste and texture of the dishes you love.
Cooking with plain unsweetened yogurt is easy. In many cases, the substitution ratio is one to one, so all you need to do is replace an ingredient without worrying about a change in the consistency of your cooking. 

For example:
Substitute yogurt one for one with sour cream. Greek yogurt works particularly well for this because of its tangy taste. Use it in any recipe that calls for sour cream - whether you are making a dip recipe or baking cake. 

Greek yogurt also works well as a topping on baked potatoes, nachos, soups, curries, pasta and many other popular dishes that use sour cream.
Cut back on the mayonnaise - substituting with unsweetened greek yogurt. No one will notice that your pasta salad, coleslaw, chicken salad or spinach dip is healthier, unless you tell them.
If you love creamy pasta dishes, try cutting back on the cream or cream cheese with Greek yogurt. 
You choose - replace completely with unsweetened greek yoghurt or a portion.

Use it in dressings, sauces, dips, curries, to replace mayo or sour cream, in baking, in ambrosia, fruit iceblocks, smoothies... the list is endless.

Homemade yoghurt is super quick with a Easyyo yoghurt maker , its so simple and takes along as it takes to boil the kettle. Do it before bed and pop it in the fridge in the morning. $3-4 to make 1 litre. Our family of 4 goes through 2 of these a week!

Below you'll find the links to some of our favourite recipes using GREEK YOGHURT

Make YOGHURT CHEESE by straining the yoghurt in a sieve lined with paper towels for a couple hours in the fridge. Then add to BASIL PESTO make a super yummy spread to go on toasted homemade bread.

Click here for BASIL PESTO recipe.  

We would love to hear from you, let us know how you use greek yoghurt.

Trish and Treena x

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