Monday, 25 March 2013

Savvy Easter

Easter is fast approaching!

When I think of Easter I think chocolate, cute bunnies and hot crossed buns.

For me Easter is a time for family - quality time. 
Sharing good food, spending time outdoors together (weather permitting) and relaxing. This year we are choosing to stay home.

We will be repeating some activities we have started with our daughter (almost 3). The main one being our "EASTER EGG HUNT" - CHOCOLATE FREE! I know clever right?

We haven't needed to buy easter chocolate for the last few years, we leave that up to Nana, Granddad and Gran. We've even managed to get through our daughters first 2 Easters without introducing chocolate.  Not there is anything wrong with good chocolate, we just believe that there are plenty of years ahead so no rush aye?

Piper loved this Easter egg hunt. We filled her plastic eggs with hair ties, clips and stickers. You could add mini chocolate egg, mini toys or personalised notes for older kids. From memory the plastic eggs came from the supermarket. I would say you could find them in the dollar stores or the warehouse.

Some more ideas for Easter.

Easter Breakfast ...
I'm thinking french toast with banana this year! We always do one special breakfast over Easter. 

Hot Crossed Buns ...
Over the years we have homemade these. If you have a breadmaker there are some great recipes that are quick and simple. We've just sampled hot crossed buns from the bakery on my way to work "WILD GRAIN" in Silverdale and they are delicious - light with just the right amount of fruit and spice. For our Dad who has a egg allergy I'm liking the look of the ones on sale at Naturally Organic that are Egg and Gluten Free.

Take some time ...
Those who are lucky to have the whole of Easter off work and aren't going away, why not try and do a few things that you may have not had time previously.

# Catch up with that friend you always mean to have coffee with but always fail to!
# Try a new recipe
# Take some time out and doing something solely for you
# Get out in the garden, plant some winter veggies
# Make time to just play with your kids - no interruptions
# Go for a walk, hit the beach or find a new walk way.
# Revise your goals - 3 months into the year its easy to loss focus, make a plan to get back on track.

Wishing you all a happy easter and if you are going away safe travels!

Trish x

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