Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Lunchbox Inspiration

We hope this helps take the stress out of making homemade lunches and allows you more time in the morning to spend with your kids or maybe fit in some exercise.

Get Organised
These “Savvy” tips take the guessing out of our morning routine and help to have things run smoothly as we are trying to manage breakfasts, get kids dressed and actually in the car ready to go. Having a list on your fridge of lunch ideas, helps jog the memory, a great tool if your kids are making their own lunches.

Lunch Boxes
There are some great containers with individual compartments that make it easy to pack individual lunch items. Try to avoid using clingfilm!

Prep Time
This is a way to make the task preparing homemade foods for your lunches simple and smooth.

Weekly Prep: Sunday evening is a great time to prep for both the kids and your own lunches. We pre-cut fruit and veggies, make dips and dressings and bake muffins, cookies or a slice. Also roasting pumpkin and other vegies and keeping them in the fridge is a great way to be able to assemble a quick salad or wrap. Make this part of your Sunday dinner prep. Once you get into the swing of this it will make lunch making easy. If your kids are at the right age get them to help too.

Daily Prep: Put together each kids/adults lunch from your Sunday prep. Add any fresh components. Try do this the night before so its ready to go in the morning!

Make extra dinner so you have leftovers to pack in your lunches the next day.

Lunch inspirations
Rice Paper Rolls

Wraps  (ham, cheese and tomato / Chicken & Salad - endless possibilities)
Risotto cakes
Vegetable frittatas

Mini Pizzas
Pita Pockets  (keep in freezer, make great pizza bases)
Smoothies  (Freeze and they should defrost by lunchtime)
Homemade Pita Crisps with hummus or Avocado dip
Homemade Lavash Chips with salsa or above dips

Quinoa Salad
Pasta Salad
Rice Salad
Panini's (Pre-make & freeze these, take out the night before and toast in the morning)
Savoury Muffins (spinach/feta - tomato/ham - corn/cheese - endless possibilities) 
Fruit Kebabs 
Corn fritters

Tortilla Stack
Homemade Scrolls
Boiled Egg

Old-Fashioned "Convenience"
Apples, Grapes, Cherry Tomatoes, Plums, Nectarines, Berries - wash and eat
Mandarins, Bananas, Grapefruit, Oranges - Peal and eat
Carrots, Celery, Cucumber, Watermelon,  - Chop and eat
Avocado - Slice and dip in citrus juice to stop browning.

Savvy Tips … 
# Portion out snacks, make up bags of nuts, seeds, dried fruit, popcorn etc. that way you can just grab and go. 

# Freeze half of your baking, after a few weeks you’ll end up with a nice stash and you can then either have a week off and/or add variety buy choosing a new piece of baking each day.

# Kids love pre-packaged foods. So they don’t feel like they’re missing out choose carefully. You can find some that aren’t full of additives and preservatives.

# Silicone muffin cups add colour and are a easy way to divide up a plain container (just make sure your container doesn’t tip up!)

# Frozen baking will help keep other lunch items cool and will defrost by lunchtime.

# Leftovers such as mince, chicken, roast meat are great to pop on pita bread to make a quick pizza for lunch

# Freeze Fruit for a healthy and cooling snack in summer

Freeze smoothies, will help keep them fresh and cool till lunchtime.

# Freeze your morning smoothie in iceblock molds for a cool after school snack

We hope you find this helpful and would love to hear your ideas and feedback. 

Remember to "Nourish your body each day with great food choices"

Hope this helps
Trish & Treena x

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