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Victoria TeRito is a family chiropractor, mum and netball coach who operates a family centered chiropractic office dedicated to your health and well being. She adjust's all members of the community from the expectant mum, to the newborn child right through to the great great grandparent. Her practice is situated in Orewa and places high value on regular chiropractic care for a well functioning nervous system and life!

""Movement is a medicine for creating change in a persons physical, emotional and mental states" Carol Welch

Problems can result when movement is reduced or disturbed causing postural distortions (eg: spinal or extremity injury) or when poor posture brings about alterations in joint movement (eg: sitting or bending forward all day)

One of the most common postural distortions we see as chiropractors is when the head is off centre and pitched forward. Imagine, carrying a bowling ball and how much more difficult it would be to carry it at a distance from your body! Your head weighs about as much as a bowling ball and when it is pitched forward it places tremendous stress on your entire spine, musculoskeletal structure and nervous system (ie: from the top of your head all the way down to your feet). This in turn impacts on the flow of energy throughout your tissues and organs inhibiting your over all physical, mental and chemical wellbeing.

Steps we can take to achieve and maintain optimum posture and movement:

1. Make sure your spine, nervous system and every joint in your body is moving well and functioning optimally. As a chiropractor one of our roles is in helping you achieve this through adjustments

2. Take time out every hour to stand tall, breath in deeply through the nose, open your chest and drop your shoulders as you slowly breath out through the mouth – repeat 4-5 times focusing on a strong upright posture. You may need to check in the mirror.

3. Regular exercise 3-4 times per week that gets your heart racing (ie gets you huffing and puffing). 20mins is good but you may need to build up slowly by doing 5min on and 5min off.

4. Walk 20mins everyday and take the stairs where you can.

5. Avoid sitting for longer than 30mins without walking.

6. Stretch regularly and practice activities that involve balance, coordination and strength eg: pilates, yoga,Tai Chi, dancing, boxing etc.

Remember a vital component of gaining optimum vitality and wellbeing means staying active and maintaining a great posture... So, stand on up, get the kids off the couch and enhance the great benefits your body is receiving by enjoying an active, healthy fun filled life.

Stand tall, deep breath and get moving.

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  1. Such great adivise, thank you for sharing this with us Victoria.