Friday, 22 February 2013

Homemade Finger Paint

A friend gave me this paint recipe awhile back 
(there are many similar on the internet).

Like many things it got thrown in the "must try at one day" pile! 

So while spending a week at home with my daughter who had chicken pox, we made it. 

Why make it when you can buy non toxic paint from the $2 shop? 
Simple and quick to do
Its edible - though I'm sure it wouldn't taste good. 
Its cheap

I'I haven't worked out the cost but I'm sure it would be under a $1. 
We made three paints and they fitted into 3x170g babyfood jars. 

I'm not sure of the shelf life either, but as we paint a lot I'm sure we will use it up. I've popped it in the fridge for next week.

Trish x

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  1. Got the paint out of the fridge today. Its fine, just needed a little shake up. Miss 2 loved it and was so excited. Love this paint, we just throw the paint brushes and plastic plate in the dishwasher after. If you do get it on your skin, it may look like its staining it but it washes off easily.